Academic Curriculum


As students progress through the senior years, we expect them to become increasingly independent learners with an interest in setting personal academic goals. It is our belief that rigour and regular testing provide young students with the self-discipline and confidence to handle more advanced senior tasks. Building self-esteem, self-respect and the courage to explore are the qualities we seek to reinforce in our student body.

Class 9 is a preparing ground for students to take off at the tenth standard where students will face their first significant Board examination. During these two years, students get maximum attention and constant advice from teachers.

The subjects included for these classes are English, Sanskrit / Hindi/ Kannada, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Environmental Education. The physical training classes build up stamina and are thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The students also do a SEWA project (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action) and General Studies assessments. These students are all partakers in the Decathlon and run their races in high spirits and with determination.

Our aim is to develop the personalities of students through experiential and constructive modes of learning, focusing on their intellectual, personal, social, emotional growth. Learners engaged at this level are expected to be lifelong learners and through experiential learning develop as active citizens, and caring and compassionate humans.