Academic Curriculum


Primary Year Programme

The curriculum is activity based learning with hands on experience and extensive co-curricular activities.

NPS is committed to imparting a strong foundation to children of grades 1 to 5 in various disciplines such as English, Mathematics, Social Science, Life Science, Language Studies, Environment Science and Information Technology.

A continuous and comprehensive assessment pattern has replaced the traditional examinations in the Primary Year Programme.

In order to remove the tedium in classroom, a wide range of classroom technique of teaching is used - such as group discussions, seminars, projects, and several unique resources have been developed on the lines of ‘do and learn’ technique. This makes the entire learning process a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Yoga, music, art, craft and a host of other such activities are woven into the curriculum framework to expose children to various other pursuits.

Students start using Math Lab from Grade 1 which helps them sharpen their analytical skills.

Establishing good work habits like persistence, independence, time-management and appreciation of values begin at this stage.