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Principal's Message

Mrs. Latha Naidu

"Quality is never an accident, it is
always the result of high intention,
sincere effort, intelligent direction
and skillful execution; it represents
the wise choice of many

On the outset, a very warm greetings to all from NPS, Yelahanka !
It is true that the future of a country takes shape in its classrooms.

NPS, Yelahanka is committed to its journey towards excellence. We recognise that the paradigm of education is rapidly changing with the advancement in technology and exposure to varied media. It is an altogether new era of teaching and learning. Education today is dynamic, multidimensional and a very challenging process. It should give students the wings to fly on their own but at the same time keep them rooted with values inculcated in them. A school is a world in miniature where one receives education for life. NPS has been known for its significant contribution to the field of education which is the result of a relevant academic programme, discipline and a dedicated team of faculty.

Our mission at NPS , Yelahanka is to prepare our students for challenges of the global world, a world that continually demands new skills and competencies, a world that requires our students to excel in communication and inter personal skills, a world that requires them to be perennial learners. It is our binding duty to empower our students with knowledge and skills that would provide them with a firm foundation to create a niche for themselves in the future that is theirs. Therefore it is our endeavour to provide this empowerment through focus on all domains for the holistic development of our students - cognitive, moral, social, athletic and physical.

Excellence is perhaps the word of the day but excellence without discipline, focus and direction is only half the goal achieved. I hope and pray to see our students not just well placed in their careers but to see them make the world a better place. We are committed to see them reach out to their dreams and turn them into reality, to see them set milestones of their own, be assets to their parents, to the society and to the nation.

Working together with parents, we will continue to forge tomorrow's leaders today.

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