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Extra-Curricular Activities

NPS Yelahanka encourages students to participate in a wide range of extra- curricular activities in order to provide a broad-based and well-rounded education to the students.

Club Activities

Various clubs like Dramatics, Literary, Art, SEWA, Science and Model United Nations Programme - have been activated for Grades 7 and above. The club encourages interactions between learners and facilitators outside the normal classroom setting, and broadens the child's horizons, both socially and in that particular topic. These clubs assist pupils to express themselves more compellingly and be better informed participants in and beyond the school.

MUN Club

Students from our school have been participating in the Model United Nations Programmes over the years and have been doing quite well as you would have seen from the achievers list in our website. Activities such as MUN help students gain an understanding of International Relations and also provide a platform for children to develop soft skills such as presentation, communication, collaboration and leadership.

Drama Club

“Creativity is important now in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status”, says Ken Robinson, a thought leader for 21st century education.

Drama is offered as a club activity and also is a part of the regular instruction at school.

There has been no doubt about the role of Drama in a child’s development. Drama has been shown to develop key skills such as creativity, expression, confidence, communication, teamwork and language. It develops capacities such as sympathy, and understanding, emotional and social regulation, critical thinking and higher order abstraction skills. Evidence has shown that retention is also extremely high in a drama environment, as the nature of drama methods provide high engagement levels and active- on-your-feet learning experience.

Science Club

We at NPS, Yelahanka believe in providing for a holistic, value based environment wherein children are engaged in self- development in a challenging and purposeful learning atmosphere.

The purpose of the science club is to ignite and activate young minds and nurture them towards becoming responsible young citizens to solve civic and environmental problems. It is a platform for students to promote their scientific interest, realise their scientific skills and fulfill their quest for finding solutions through scientific activities. Regular seminars, workshops, creating working models, exhibitions and quiz programmes are conducted to inculcate knowledge and skills in the field of Science.

Art Club

The Art club at NPS, Yelahanka provides a platform to the students to express their thoughts and explore their creativity through various art forms. It also gives opportunities and freedom to the students to try fresh concepts. They create an artistic environment working on eye- catching art work on various themes. Students enjoy doing activities like origami, calligraphy, painting, creating collages, murals, stuffed toys, reusing waste materials such as old newspapers, metal, cloth, plaster of Paris, clay etc. It is a place for budding artists to hone their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other artists like themselves, create bonds with the community, inculcate new ideas, respect different art forms, diverse cultures and learn how to work together through group projects.


SEWA Club is all about social or community service; it can include environmental, civic responsibilities , democracy or health and fitness related projects, connecting the child to his surroundings or to a cause, and is able to generate a sense of responsibility and understand the significance of the interdependence of all human beings and our dependence on the environment. Students are taught to acknowledge that they have a responsibility towards the less privileged, the disadvantaged and the environment.

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