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NPS Yelahanka is looking for experienced teachers to be a part of their Montessori environment.
Candidates should have keen interest and enthusiasm to develop a visually rich environment and activity based curriculum which injects life in the pre-primary classes with Art, Craft, Music, Puppetry and Drama.
Candidates can expect a vibrant learning environment and a high degree of freedom to develop and deliver the curriculum.


  • Candidates should have a Bachelorís degree.
  • Should have a degree in early childhood education or Montessori.
  • Should have prior teaching experience of at least 2-3 years
  • Should be able to work independently and be a self starter
  • Should be able to work within a team
  • Should have a sense of humour


  • Will be responsible for implementing and developing creative ideas for children's development and learning through structured activities, tasks and planned play to build Speaking, Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Social skills.

At NPS Yelahanka

  • Teachers would have a high degree of freedom and independence to develop and build on a high quality academic programme.
  • To be a part of NPS is to be a part of a community of teachers who are passionate about how the next generation of students is going to learn.
  • We provide a stimulating and creative environment not only for our students but also for our teachers.

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