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NPS Yelahanka is looking for Geography Teachers at the Secondary school level who can drive and develop our Social Science programme.


  • Candidates should have a Bachelorís degree in the relevant subject. A Master's degree would be an advantage.
  • Should have a degree in education.
  • Should have prior teaching experience of at least 2-3 years
  • Should be able work independently and be a self starter
  • Should be able to work within a team
  • Should have a sense of humour


  • Help students acquire a geographical understanding of the physical world through spatial representations
  • Help students develop an understanding of demographic characteristics in relation to geography
  • Develop an appreciation of the environment and ecology in students

At NPS Yelahanka

  • Teachers would have a high degree of freedom and independence to develop and build on a high quality academic programme.
  • To be a part of NPS is to be a part of a community of teachers who are passionate about how the next generation of students is going to learn.
  • We provide a stimulating and creative environment not only for our students but also for our teachers.

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