NPS is an abode of learning that strives continuously to provide education of the highest academic standards.

Children are the backbone of society. The future that we dream of today will be presented to us by none other than our children.

We at NPS, Yelahanka strongly believe that two institutions play a very important role in nurturing a child-the family and the educational institution. While family makes the significant decision of choosing the perfect school for their child, an institution makes sure that the child is shaped for the future.


The classrooms are large and well ventilated with white/green boards and bulletin boards inside and outside the classrooms.

Strength of each class is kept at manageable level with comfortable furniture which adds to the ambience of the class room.

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Sports is an integral part of the curriculum at NPS Yelahanka.


Other facilities available include Art and Craft Room, Audio Visual Room.


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NPS Yelahanka

22/B - 1, Sector B
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Phone  :   +91.80 2846 2222
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